Welcome to the Philadelphia Seed Exchange!

Thank you for attending one of our events and for taking an interest in seed saving! It is our goal to provide you with support and information as you begin to make plans for securing next year’s seeds while growing produce for your friends and family this year. We hope that you think of PSE as a collective of friends working with you towards a common goal of providing the diversity in our gardens year to year. Through our combined efforts we can ensure our sustainable aspirations and build a resilient food system in the Delaware River watershed. In the coming months feel free to contact PSE with your gardening and seed saving related questions and also to share your wisdom! We are all and none of us the experts and can learn and grow from our individual and collective experiences.

The PSE organizing committee is currently working on a number of projects. Your help is needed. Here is a list of projects:
– Locating a winter storage facility with low humidity conditions;
– Contacting City Harvest and Philadelphia Horticultural Society regarding seed donations and propagation facilities;
– Reaching out to nurseries and greenhouses for winter propagation space;
– Combining efforts with BlueRedYellow to locate land for dye plants and seeds;
– Contacting seed companies for donations in 2012;
– Preparing seed saving supplies to distribute in Fall 2011;
– Opensource seed & plant database hosting and maintenance (an opensource database is currently being designed and will soon be released for PSE to use);
– Make shirts!

Please feel welcome to contact us if you have any thoughts or suggestions or are interested in getting involved. If you would like to host a seed exchange or a seed saving workshop this year please let us know as soon as possible. The growing season fills up fast!

Our next event, which will be a plant start and seed swap will be June 19, at the Philly Food Forest at 14th and Mercy St. More information will be posted on our WordPress account and Facebook page.  Please bring any extra seedlings you have to share. Winter squash starts are confirmed!

Finally many of our seeds and informative flyers this year were the result of a donation from Herman’s Garden Seed Program of Seed Savers Exchange. Consider sending a thank you note or message to SSE.  Their address is Seed Savers Exchange, 3094 North Winn Road, Decorah, IA 52101.

Happy growing,
– Mira and Joel

Seed Saving information for popular garden vegetables will soon be posted our blog.


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