Seed Exchange Tomorrow!

Sunday, June 19 · 10:00am – 7:00pm

Mercy Edible Park

521-532 Mercy Street
Philadelphia, PA

More Info
Join us this Sunday, 2 days before the Summer Solstice, to celebrate Love, Life, and Homegrowing, PFF style. We’ll share Free Food, Free Seed(lings), Free Goods, Free Music, & Free Smiles – all the magical things that make our Garden Grow!

ALSO featured at this event will be an awesome Seed and Seedling exchange courtesy of the bright, shining people from the Philadelphia Seed Exchange. The exchange will take place from from 1pm to 5pm. Bring all your seeds & leftover seedlings to share, & feel free to walk away with plants you’ve always wanted but never bought.

Thank you again for bringing delicious foods, items to give away at the free store, instruments of all kinds (electric ones can plug into our PA system), and yer tasty self!

We Shall:
Paint Fabrics for a collective prayer-flag to fly above and bless the plants
Bask in the coolness of two pools and the shade of ad-hoc sheet forts
Complete preparing the first five lots by weeding & watering
Install the last beds on the North side of the park
Play music in the first ensemble of the PFF Instrument Circle – not just for drums anymore, hippies! Beginners and pre-beginners welcome!
Feature massage tables for Reiki & well, massage
Eat watermelons! Be amazed by brightly colored strange tiny creatures!
Deepen our relationship with the Earth, each other, & our selves!


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