August and September Plantings

Full moon is upon us.  It’s time to plant your winter greens. The lunar August planting window is: 14-20 and 26-31. The lunar September planting window is: 1-19 and 26-30.

We use a mixture of Brassicaceae and Chenopodiaceae species for a tasty and vibrant mix of greens and roots throughout the winter. A seed ratio of 80% greens and 20% roots works well. Plants that survive the snow and freezing temperatures will provide seeds the following spring and summer. Save these seeds! Their genes are encoded with mechanisms to survive frost, snow and winter weather.

Plant seeds in rows or broadcast over a prepared garden bed. Lightly rake until seeds are covered with soil and keep soil moist until seeds germinate. Water new seedlings daily, being careful not to crush young leaves with water pressure from hose. Once plants have established alternate watering days and allow soil to dry. Waterlogged soil can rot roots. As the weather begins to cool mulch beds with 4-6 inches of chipped leaves or straw to maintain moisture and keep soil warm.

Harvest 30-40% of leaves off an individual plant once mature and leave remaining to grow in and provide more harvests in weeks to come. Allow root crops to fully mature. Harvest of radishes can begin 40-50 days after planting. Larger roots will mature starting in December and can be kept in the soil through February with heavy mulch covering beds.

Winter Greens Polyculture
Brassica juncea
– Mustard Greens (edible leaves)
Brassica napus – Rutabagas (edible root)
Brassica oleracea – Kale (edible leaves)
Brassica rapa – Turnips (edible leaves and roots)
Eruca sativa – Rocket (Roquette or Wild Arugula)
Raphanus sativus – Radish (French Breakfast is our favorite)

Beta vulgaris – Swiss Chard (edible leaves)
Spinacia oleracea – Spinach (edible leaves)


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